Hot Wing Eating Contest

About the Contest

If you love some hot wings and think you have the stomach to handle the heat of some of the best wings around then consider pulling up a chair at our table.  You, along with 19 other contestants will be vying for a shot at the title of King of the Wings and a grand prize of $300.00.

Contestants will have 3 minutes in first heat to eat as many wings as they can; you will be judged by weight of meat eaten during competitive heat.  The Winner of each heat will advance, with one “Wild Card” entry determined by weight of wings eaten.


The Wing Eating contest will take place on the day of the event: [event_info type="event date"] and will tentatively be held at around 3:15PM


There is a $25.00 Entry Fee Required  per contestant.  This entry fee also includes a wristband valid for festival entry valued at $10.00.

Application is submitted online but fees must be paid by check to the address below in order for your application to be considered valid.  Failure to remit your fee in a timely manner may result in your place in line being given to a standby contestant.

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Prizes and Awards

The winner of the Hot Wing Eating Contest will win $300.00 in cold hard cash along with a coveted spot in our Hall of Flame.

Contest Rules and Requirements [label]Important[/label]

Please review all of the contest rules and requirements for the Hot Wing Eating contest prior to submitting any application(s).  Full Official Rules can be found here.


Tips and Tricks

Be Physically and Mentally Prepared.

Make sure that you are healthy enough to actually participate in this contest (firstly) and come to the table prepared to have a good time.  At the end of the day it is just about having a good time whether you win or lose.

If you have any concerns about your physical health and/or ability to participate we strongly encourage you to consult with your doctor or medical professional before considering this event.

Practice Makes Perfect.

Getting familiar with the exercise ahead of the event will help you get into the right flow for when it comes time to put your wing eating skills to the test.  Prior to the event grab yourself a batch of hot wings from your favorite local wing joint and take yourself a test run.

Set aside your manners.

This ain’t gonna be some fancy high highfalutin hoity-toity social event; this is going to be a test of skill, capability, and your love for some hella good hot wings!  Throw out everything your mamma taught you for one measly afternoon and get those fingers as dirty and greasy as you would like.

Don’t Starve Yourself. Eat Normally.

Prior to the contest it is important that you keep with your regular eating habits and schedule. Do not attempt to starve yourself or fast until the day of the event as this is both unhealthy and can cause your stomach to tighten up and cramp.

Keep physically active.

Limit your liquids.

Immediately prior to the contest it is a good idea to limit the amount of liquids in your stomach inclusive of water, alcohol, cola, etc. Bottles of water will be available for consumption by contestants as needed during the contest.


Got a Question?

Some commonly asked questions are provided below.  If you need help with something that has not already been answered please feel free to contact us for assistance.

[toggle_me title="Is water provided or allowed?"]
Yes bottles of water will be available at the table as needed for contestants during the course of the contest.
[toggle_me title="Are walk-on contestants allowed?"]
Yes (as space allows). Come the day of the event, if there are still open seats to participate we will accept walk-on contestants until such time as all seats are filled. Space or acceptance is not guaranteed and the earlier you register the better chance you will have at participating.

[toggle_me title="Are side items/food allowed?"]
No. In accordance to the rules and regulations of this event there are no side or external food items that will be allowed within the contest area.

[toggle_me title="Exactly how hot will the wings be?"]
Average. This is a contest which is geared more towards endurance and ability rather than tolerance of various levels of heat intensity. Wings used in the contest will be considered generally average/mild in intensity and will not have any additional ingredients, peppers, or sauces mixed in to increase their overall heat levels. On the The Scoville Heat Scale, the wings used in this contest will rate around 450 SHU.

For more information see: [icon type="link"]Scoville Heat Unit Scale (Wikipedia)

[toggle_me title="I have a medical condition.  Can I still participate?"]
No. If you have any first-hand knowledge of any health related issues or problems which may prevent you from being able to participate in this event you MUST disclose this to us immediately.  MCSHWF reserves the right to exclude any person that they deem to be “at risk” for any type of health related emergency.


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Ready for Greatness?

Think that you have what it takes to take on some of the best wings in Nashville?  Reserve your spot int he contest today!

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